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"We are shaped daily by the influence and examples set before us in the world. An example of a positive are the "Professor Johnson Success Image Career Posters" created by Bill Hoatson. A powerful tool intended to provide career examples for children in our court system. What better investment in our future than helping our children know and understand on a daily basis the career choice that are available to them"

— Nicholas Thomas

Clerk of Courts, Gadsden County, Florida

“I believe that the “Professor Johnson Success Image Career Posters” are going to be a wonderful benefit to the children of this county and to the community at large. They give children an idea of themselves being successful later on in life and give them a positive view of themselves. They also provide badly needed positive and diverse role models so that children can aspire to something higher than themselves. I think they will go a long ways to shaping children into the productive and educated citizens that we need for a functioning democracy. I support Bill Hoatson in his to enhance the education of our children.”

- Shirley Knight

Supervisor of Elections, Gadsden County, FL


“As a community leader, I fully endorse the use and concept of Mr. Hoatson’s “Professor Johnson’s Success Image Career Posters”

and believe that they will help provide inspiration for today’s youth.”

- Clay VanLandingham

Property Appraiser, Gadsden County, FL


“I would like to recommend Bill Hoatson’s “Professor Johnson’s Success Image Career Posters” as a great tool in educating our children about character, career choices and positive self-esteem. …….They will serve as a great investment in our future.”

- W. Dale Summerford

Tax Collector, Gadsden County, FL


“I am Antonio D. Johnson. I am a Juvenile Justice Alternative Sanctions Coordinator for the Second Judicial Circuit. My job is to assist in implementing diversionary programs for at risk youth. I am in support of Mr. Bill Hoatson and his efforts to assist the youth of today through his ingenious ideal of creating posters that can and will motivate youth in building their self-esteem and working toward their goals in life. I hope and pray his efforts are victorious. It is my hope that others join him in his efforts to motivate and redirect a younger generation before it’s lost.”

Antonio D. Johnson, Juvenile Alternative Sanctions Coordinator

“Thank you for accepting my invitation to speak at our first Parent Expo for the 2009-10 School Year. Your presentation was uplifting and informative.”

- Hilda Jackson

Principal, Havana Elementary School, Havana, FL


“I am writing this letter to tell you how thankful I am that you took the time to speak to the parents of our students. Your classroom experiences along with personal stories relating to student achievement were extremely uplifting and will be remembered for a long time.”

- Demetria Clemons

Sealy Elementary Math and Science Magnet School, Leon County, FL


“As a teacher, listening to Bill’s talk was both validating and inspiring. He shared real stories about real kids. Bill reminded me that we really do make a difference. I couldn’t wait to get back to my classroom.”

- Rachel Furlow

 Elementary Teacher, 12 years, Tallahassee, FL


“Bill Hoatson did a great job in presenting successful teaching techniques in a Parent/Student success lecture. He was very inspiring and informative. He spoke with a down home touch that was very easy to understand. I have worked with children with disabilities for a long time, but have never heard such an inspiring lecture.”

- Marshall Williams

Administrator, Gadsden County, FL


“Bill Hoatson gave a tremendous lecture on Successful Teaching Techniques to our 21st Century great center staff. Teachers and staff left the lecture feeling empowered and good about themselves and their students.”

- Kendra Price

Administrator, Gadsden County, FL


“After listening to Mr. Hoatson’s lecture on Parent/Student success I was able to understand that it did not matter where I came from or what my family income situation was.

All that mattered was that if I truly believed in myself I could become whatever I wanted to be.”

- Brian

Student, Gadsden County, FL


“The session was most informative and actually full of excitement. Bill Hoatson doesn’t give himself proper credit for his wealth of knowledge on the subject matter. I can feel his passion for the love of his program and the welfare of children.”

- Miriam Williams-Dixon

Owner, Precious Little Royal Angels Child Care, FL


“I really enjoyed his lecture. It was thought provoking.”

- Debra Speights

First Baptist Weekday Education Director, FL


“Our faculty really enjoyed the experiences and guidance of Mr. Hoatson during our professional development during pre-planning. He provided a complete program that we are confident will greatly impact our students. His positive message and real-world experience inspired our teachers and invigorated our administration. Most importantly, as a school community, we are we are all on the same page. We have a definitive plan to bring our faculty, parents and students together to create an outstanding learning environment. I would commend Mr. Hoatson on his speaking ability and inspirational message of supporting students.”

- Dr, Adam Gaffey

Headmaster, Robert F. Munroe Day School, Quincy, FL


“Mr. Bill Hoatson’s Good Effort Behavior Shaping Program was a success and very helpful to my class. The program gave the students an extra reason to do what was expected of them. Mr. Bill’s certificates were like gold to the students!”

- Mr. Davis

Kindergarten Teacher, Gadsden County, FL


“Bill Hoatson’s “Good Effort” behavior shaping program was very beneficial to me because it helped control some of the classroom behavior. It was an incentive for good behavior, The students recognized it as a way to show their good behavior to their parents. The program was a great success for my kindergarten class.”

- Ms. Annie Gooding

Kindergarten Teacher, Quincy, FL


“Mr. Bill Hoatson’s “Good Effort” behavior shaping program was very helpful.

The program motivated students toward positive behavior.”

- Ms. C. Hagins, 2nd Grade Teacher

George W. Monroe Elementary School, Quincy, FL


“Because of a special ESE teacher named Bill Hoatson at Gadsden Technical Institute, my daughter graduated from the twelfth grade. I feel that without his caring about her and all students she never would have finished school. She was fed up and ready to quit. She was enrolled in two other schools before this one. She could not keep up nor understand the lessons. With Bill Hoatson she advanced ahead. She told me that he explained it so she could understand. Thanks to Bill Hoatson for caring.”

- Mr. and Mrs. James Johnson

Parents, Gadsden County, FL


“Mr. Hoatson provides the kind of attention and direction that a “learning disabled” child requires – caring, informed and disciplined. We give him credit for helping our child go from avoiding school to actually liking his classes and being a contributor.”

- Larry and Sharon Jones

Parents, Gadsden County, FL



“Bill Hoatson’s “Voice of Experience Teaching Seminars” are both enlightening and entertaining.

They are of great value to anyone working with children.”

- Jon Rowley

Educator and Administrator – 30 yrs. – Allen, TX


“The “Voice of Experience Teaching Seminars” videos provide valuable insights into the art of teaching.”

- Scott Brown

Educator – 35 years – Leon County, FL


“Bill Hoatson’s “Voice of Experience” lectures are full of wonderful tales and experiences that shed light on creating successful children. A true Guide for parents, teachers and administrators.”

- Karen Parsons

Educator and Administrator – 19 years – Murphy, TX


“I have never seen anyone foster a better relationship with parents. They know he truly cares about their children.”

- Chalmus Thomas

Principal, Gadsden Technical Institute, 25 years in education, Gadsden County, FL


“From a teacher’s standpoint, Bill Hoatson’s “Professor Johnson Success Image Career Posters are worth their weight in gold.”

- Robert Breon, Teacher – 25 years – Wakulla County, FL

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