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Draft Cover Rethinking Education  FRONT
Draft Cover Rethinking Education  FRONT

Lessons Learned the Hard Way:

16 Things Every Teacher Should Know

 "Lessons Learned the Hard Way: 16 Things Every Teacher Should Know" is not only entertaining but is a concrete road map on how to create successful children, no matter what their life experience or abilities may be. It should be read by anybody working with children.


After losing his teaching job because of his union activities, Phil Harrison began his long journey back to the classroom. Little did Mr. Harrison know that his redemption path would lead through the halls of an adult mental retardation center, where he often found himself doing more learning than teaching. The play "Second Period at the Center" is a sweet, funny and entertaining look at the very human art of being a teacher.

Rethinking Education: Volume 1 and Volume 2 is a collection of 176 newspaper columns written over a three year period. It is an observation and advice column based on Bill's experience teaching both regular education and exceptional education to children from 3 years. to 18 years old. The column is aimed at teachers, parents and anybody interested in the raising and education of children. Many people found the columns both insightful and helpful and I hope you will too.


Professor Johnson, Bill Hoatson’s cranky, funny, and highly opinionated alter-ego, takes on bureaucracies, legislators, and other idiocies hampering good teachers, while at the same time giving sage advice to educators and parents everywhere


The play “Mr. Harrison’s Classroom: A Documentary” is not only highly entertaining, but is also an invaluable journey into the experience of one teacher’s attempt to create successful teenagers out of those that have learning disabilities and come from unsuccessful backgrounds. There are a lot of lessons to be learned in Mr. Harrison’s Classroom—some are academic, but most are about life.

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