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Dear Parents who are now Teachers

Dear Parents,

There are now millions of parents being put into the position of being a teacher to their own children because schools have shut down nationwide. There are many parents who are now not able to work who are at home with young children and infants. Many day care centers are closed. There are also many parents who have chosen the role of teacher because they are home-schooling their children.

My message to all parents who are in the position of being their child’s teacher is this – all parents, no matter your circumstances economic or otherwise, can be a good, effective teacher. It is just a matter of knowing what to do. With the proper guidance, you can be as good, if not better in many ways, than the average school teacher because of the advantage to parents of teaching much fewer children at a time and being able to target instruction directly to their child’s skill level.

My name is Bill Hoatson and I am here to help take the fear and uncertainty away from parents about teaching infants and children and replace it with confidence and knowledge about how to create the successful child. Here is my introduction:

“Bill Hoatson has been an educator for over 35 years in economically depressed areas of North Florida and Southern Georgia. He has two degrees, one in Early Childhood Education and one to teach Exceptional Education (children with learning disabilities.) He has taught and enriched the lives of thousands of white, black and Hispanic children at every grade level. He has taught in Pre-K, elementary school, middle school, High School and Vocational School. His vast experience has given him deep insights into getting the best out of each and every child. He should be read or listened to by anybody interested in the academic or emotional success of children.” Dr. Emanuel Shargel, Professor Emeritus – Florida State University, College of Education

I have written seven books about education, but many parents don’t have the luxury of a lot of time so I have created a video series entitled “Bill Hoatson’s Voice of Experience Teaching Seminars” that are easy to listen to and each one encapsulates almost 40 years of experience into a little more than an hour. There are five of them at this time, and I am creating more.

The one specifically for parents is “How to Create the Successful Child: A Road Map for Parents and Teachers.” The first four years of life are the most important years for brain development and giving a parent the tools to be an effective teacher is a gift that keeps on giving throughout the child’s life. (Plus it can be, heaven forbid, fun.)

The next three were created specifically for teachers, but can be extremely valuable for parents put into the role of teacher of children at any age.

“16 Things Every Teacher Should Know: Creating the Successful Teacher”

“All Children Can Succeed: Insights into Teaching Exceptional Education”

“Thoughts on Pre-K: Successful teaching and Parenting in a Mass Setting”

The last one was created for administrators, but gives a clear understanding about the inner workings of child motivation and it connects parents with the child as well as the school. It can be very effective in the home setting.

“Creating Successful Schools: How to get the Best out of Every Child”

These videos are dirt cheap intentionally, so that anybody anywhere can afford to be trained to be an effective teacher. They are $3.95 streamed or $6.95 downloaded and owned – less than the price for a couple of bags of chips.

The videos can be accessed at my website; either or

You can click on the trailers for each video and get a free five or six minute sample of each one. Please do me a favor and if you like what you see and think that they may be valuable to somebody else, just click on the “share” button and send the trailer to a friend. Please also send this letter on to anybody that you know with children in their home.

It has been my privilege to serve the children and parents of this great country of ours for the last four decades and I hope that my experience, through these videos, will be a large benefit to many households and will allow me to keep on serving on into the future. I can be contacted at I am open to any and all suggestions as to how I can be a service to families. Thank you for your time and consideration. Parents – You CAN become a very good teacher – your children will thank you for it. May God bless parents, children and teachers everywhere.

About the videos: “Bill Hoatson’s “Voice of Experience Teaching Seminar Videos” are invaluable for giving parents the guidance and tools needed to be effective tools for their children. They are highly informative, entertaining and easy to understand, filled with anecdotes from Bill’s personal experience in 40 years as an educator. Every parent would benefit from having these teaching videos at their fingertips.” – Dr. Cheryl Jennings, 35 years as an educator, including Associate Director for Economic Education and Executive Director of Secondary Schools (Florida).

(As an aside: These teaching videos are important at any time, but during these crazy times of a pandemic they take on an added value because they deliver invaluable expert teaching experience and guidance straight to the house, without anybody having to go anywhere. Please pass this on so that it may reach those who could benefit from it. Thanks – Sincerely, Bill Hoatson

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